$34.95  $17.95

We believe that every photo has its own story that is created not just through the original photo but by how you craft & perfect the photo through editing.


The Bundle Pack provides you with not only one way of transforming your photos, but three different genres of authentic edits that will equip you with presets that fit every mood.



$14.95  $7.95


$14.95  $7.95


$14.95  $7.95



Our Presets are easy to use, with a Step-by-Step video tutorial from the moment of your purchase til the time you export your freshly edited photo.



Just click & apply. Re-Creating your photos has never been easier.



All your presets at your fingertips, anywhere you go. Busy? Don’t worry, we got you covered. You now have the ability to easily transform your photos on the go.



Before After DSC02643DSC02643

Sand & Teal – Adventure Pack

Before After 325325

Dream World – Adventure Pack

Before After DSC01735DSC01735

Journey in the Forest – Adventure Pack

Before After IMG_6952-2IMG_6952

Retro Space – Dream Pack

Before After sonnie-hiles-pRO0qxLado8-unsplashsonnie-hiles-pRO0qxLado8-unsplash-2

Pastel Love – Dream Pack

Before After elizeu-dias-t-fdTaeFPhI-unsplashelizeu-dias-t-fdTaeFPhI-unsplash-2

Soft & Dreamy – Dream Pack

Before After _MG_0618_MG_0618

Nightlife – Urban Pack

Before After IMG_6194IMG_6194

Underground – Urban Pack

Before After IMG_2466IMG_2466

Day Glow – Urban Pack


Most frequent questions and answers

Don’t worry! Feel free to email us at so we can get you your download link right away.

Make sure you include:

1. Your FULL NAME you used for your order

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If you aren’t able to download it through your email app, try accessing the download link through Google Chrome or your web browser.


If you are unsure on how to download the files, make sure you check out my tutorial here 

Once you import the downloaded files into Lightroom, they will be in your general library. From there you can click on each photo & save the presets embedded into the files/photos. To keep things organised, make a new folder when you are saving your first preset & then save all the following presets in the same folder.
In order to open up the download links, you will need to have a ZIP EXTRACTOR app installed on your phone.

For Collaborations, the fastest way to contact me is through Instagram DM at @thealexkremer.


Alternatively for matters dealing with products, you could send me an email at should it be more convenient for you. However, due to the amount of messages coming through email, the speed of response may be slower :)