Dream Pack (Desktop & Mobile)

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Soft, Dreamy Vibes.

The Dream Pack provides you with easy-to-use Lightroom Presets to portray soft, dreamy, & even vintage-looking vibes. But that depends on how you use them. These presets are versatile so you have the ability to re-create your photo to how you want.










Before After DSC02643DSC02643

Sand & Teal – Adventure Pack

Before After 325325

Dream World – Adventure Pack

Before After DSC01735DSC01735

Journey in the Forest – Adventure Pack

Before After IMG_6952-2IMG_6952

Retro Space – Dream Pack

Before After sonnie-hiles-pRO0qxLado8-unsplashsonnie-hiles-pRO0qxLado8-unsplash-2

Pastel Love – Dream Pack

Before After elizeu-dias-t-fdTaeFPhI-unsplashelizeu-dias-t-fdTaeFPhI-unsplash-2

Soft & Dreamy – Dream Pack

Before After _MG_0618_MG_0618

Nightlife – Urban Pack

Before After IMG_6194IMG_6194

Underground – Urban Pack

Before After IMG_2466IMG_2466

Day Glow – Urban Pack

1 review for Dream Pack (Desktop & Mobile)

    Dream Pack (Desktop & Mobile) photo review
    June 2, 2020
    I feel like the dream pack really fits what I was going for as they give off a super chill travel vibe!! I hate editing my own pictures and these presets help me get them done so fast and instantly ready for me to post plus the colours really make it look more professionally edited.
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